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In any website as giant as ours that deals with numerous disputable topics and skills, it's become necessary to deal with many incidents and implement a user terms and services agreement. we would like to supply a free, safe and legal coaching atmosphere to the users of this website.

What is AHPT or http://alihassanpenetrationtester.blogspot.com/ ?
AHPT is certainly not a website that promotes or encourages pc hacking (unethical), however rather it's a pc Security connected web site. In fact, pc Hacking and pc Security area unit the 2 ideas that goes hand-in-hand. they're just like the 2 faces of a similar coin. thus with the existence of shut proximity between Hacking and Security, it's additional probably that folks usually mistake our website to be one that promotes Hacking.

But actually, our goal is to forestall hacking. we tend to believe that unless you recognize the way to hack (ethically), you can't defend yourself from malicious hack attacks. apprehend Hacking however No Hacking!

Your usage of this web site constitutes your agreement to the subsequent terms:

1.All the knowledge provided on this website area unit for academic functions solely. the positioning is not any approach to blame for any misuse of the knowledge.
2.“AHPT” is simply a term that represents the name of {the website|the location|the positioning} and isn't a site that gives any hot data. http://alihassanpenetrationtester.blogspot.com/ may be a associated with pc Security and not a Blog that promotes hacking/cracking/software piracy.
3.This website is completely meant for providing data on “Computer Security”, “Computer Programming” and different connected topics and is not any approach connected towards the terms “CRACKING” or “HACKING” (Unethical).
4.Few articles (posts) on this website might contain the knowledge associated with “Hacking Passwords” or “Hacking Email Accounts” (Or Similar terms). These aren't the GUIDES of Hacking. They solely give data regarding the legal ways in which of retrieving the passwords. You shall not misuse the knowledge to realize unauthorised access. but you'll attempt these hacks on your own pc at your own risk. playacting hack tries (without permission) on computers that you just don't own is against the law.
5.The virus creation section on this website  provides demonstration on committal to writing straightforward viruses victimisation high level programming languages. These viruses area unit straightforward ones and cause no serious injury to the pc. but we tend to powerfully insist that these data shall solely be wont to expand programming information and not for inflicting malicious attacks.
6.All the knowledge on this website area unit meant for developing Hacker Defense angle among the users and facilitate preventing the hack attacks. http://alihassanpenetrationtester.blogspot.com/ insists that these data shall not be used for inflicting any quite injury directly or indirectly. but you'll attempt these codes on your own pc at your own risk.
7.The word “Hack” or “Hacking” that's used on this website shall be considered “Ethical Hack” or “Ethical Hacking” severally.

 8.we tend to believe solely in White Hat Hacking. On the opposite hand we tend to condemn Black Hat Hacking.

 9.Most of the knowledge provided on this website area unit straightforward pc tricks (may be referred to as by the name hacks) and are not any approach associated with the term hacking.

 10.a number of the tricks provided by U.S. might not work attributable to fixture within the bugs that enabled the exploits. we tend to aren't to blame for any direct or indirect injury caused attributable to the usage of the hacks provided on this website.

 11.the positioning holds no responsibility for the contents found within the user comments since we tend to don't monitor them. but we tend to might take away any sensitive data gift within the user comments upon request.

 12.we tend to aren't the vendors of any product (software, books etc.) that we tend to suggest on our web site within the product section and different selected  posts/articles. therefore we tend to don't have any liability associated with the product suggest by U.S.. it's the responsibility of the consumers to contact the various vendors for any queries associated with the product.

13.We reserve the right to modify the Disclaimer at any time without notice.